Wednesday, September 28, 2011


June of this summer heralded the advent of an unprecedented solution to corneal astigmatism correction beyond glasses and contact lenses.  Although laser vision correction such as LASIK is an excellent choice for younger patients seeking to free themselves from glasses, the older patient who has a growing cataract now has a choice of astigmatism correcting intraocular lens implant that will serve him well for the rest of his life.  High order corneal astigmatism has been beyond reach of correction until the TORIC intraocular lens was approved by FDA earlier this summer.  Now patient with high degrees of astigmatism of 2 diopters and above can select to have a TORIC implant placement as a part of clear lens extraction or a routine cataract surgery .  Generally these patients can be fitted with soft contact lenses or possible some rigid gas permeable contacts for visual clarity.  Glasses with correction of high degrees of astigmatism make one dizzy as if one looks through a fish bowl.  If you or someone you know is tired of wearing contact lenses, then make an appointment at our office regarding a consultation for TORIC intraocular lens placement.  After a careful examination and testing  if a decision is made to proceed with cataract surgery a Toric implant may take up to two weeks to be ordered.    If you have any further questions about this revolutionary technology, please call our office (949) 650-1863 ask to speak to Dr. Kurteeva.